“Provide an open-hearted safe environment for conscious connecting while adding vibrancy & health benefits through delicious ‘Magic Elixirs‘ and genuine conversation at gatherings” – Dr. Nick

What is Conscious Bartending?

Imagine a world…with elegant natural flavored cocktails to elevate the body, mind and soul. Guests will appreciate mouth-watering, conversation provoking *magick elixirs* unlike any interactive beverage the have every consumed.  Hosts minimize risk of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents while establishing a world-class drink menu for their clientele.

Conscious Bartenders serve no alcohol and will happily infuse liquor  served by house bartenders adding increased value to any social gathering.

*Magick Elixirs* = Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil infused into purified water for human consumption


Mission Statement

Dr. Nick’s Mission:

Imagine a new paradigm where individuals gather at a social in an open hearted fashion. The drinks consumed raise consciousness, provide health benefits and spark interesting conversation. Simply put, beverages have an added touch of natural splendor without causing any clouding or stupor… in fact, they may increase levels of awareness. Seeing an opportunity to help individuals from communities gather and increase presence in an exciting new social dynamic sharing joy & knowledge at all interested collaborations is the purpose of this project.

NOW, beverages can add to quality of life with utter enjoyment and worldly flavors ~ We are proudly stocking some of the world’s finest quality essential oils – to view a full list of our inventory, click here.  If you have already enjoyed Conscious Bartending and are interested in having our elevated products shipped directly to you, please order here.  Thank you for supporting Conscious Bartending, we deeply appreciate your support!

To discuss the possibility of Conscious Bartenders to add value to your upcoming gathering, please inquire at DrNick@ConsciousBartenders.com. We enliven festivals, conscious gatherings, weddings, parties, special events and entertain all possibilities for a collective win situation.